Internationella Psykosynteskonferensen på Sicilien den 2-5 juni 2016

Dear Friends and Psychosynthesis Colleagues,

The Institute of Psychosynthesis of Italy, together with the Italian Society for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy in Florence (S.I.P.T. – Società Italiana di Psicosintesi Terapeutica), is happy to announce the International Congress of Psychosynthesis that will be held from the 2nd to 5th June 2016 in the splendid setting of Taormina, Sicily.

Participants will be welcomed by truly mythical surroundings, immersed in the light of the Mediterranean and cradled in the glory of a culture reaching back over thousands of years. The sea and the ancient rock, with one of the most famous amphitheatres in the world, complete this setting, perfect for merging with the beauty of nature and continuing that dialogue of human creativity begun at our international congress of 2012 in Rome, at Rocca di Papa. There, in fact, as many of you will remember, the psychosynthesis community felt the urge to re-unite and recognize itself, and we witnessed this through the astonishing number of different contributions from so many psychosynthetists that came from all over the world. On that occasion “World” was precisely the word we questioned. It stimulated us in a congress that sewed many seeds for study and work together, even though they were scattered across immense geographical distances.

Today, along with our call to this congress, we want to launch that invitation again and observe with what new vision and renewed instruments we have worked, both in the single national psychosynthesis communities as well as in the worldwide psychosynthesis realities. Many links were created between centers of psychosynthesis in different countries and continents and we feel that the time has come to taste the fruits from the first crop harvested after the germination of the seeds that were sown, and to reflect upon the paths of the goals along the evolution of Humanity. We shall question ourselves on the contribution that psychosynthesis can offer those goals, with its transpersonal vision that integrates and goes beyond the conscience of nations, to the level of international attitudes and even further, within a planetary network.

What signs have we captured of something new already advancing, in the many areas of our planet? In what way can psychosynthesis contribute to building a just and beautiful Future, and how can it perceive the Future coming towards us? What is the nucleus of psychosynthesis that we will continue to share, even through the transformations taking place? We shall take a look at the Future of psychosynthesis. These are the elements inspiring the 2016 International Congress.

We intend to continue with the interesting experience of the Co-creative Groups, introducing a new sector on “The Advancement of Things New”, and we propose a series of topics along which to develop relations and Group work. A session of the Congress will be dedicated to the innovations made by psychosynthesis friends to the map of the egg and the position of the Transpersonal Self. We believe that it is important to discuss this point together and that the air and atmosphere in Taormina will remind us of our love for the culture of dialogue, so dear to the Greeks and to Magna Grecia and that we will be sustained and nourished. Our different opinions will allow for the union of opposites, capable of accomplishing “the miracle of living between the two, achieving the nous without losing the soul; entering into freedom as deeply as possible without annihilating nor humiliating the life of our guts” as the philosopher Maria Zambrano so well puts it. We will know how to dialogue, and from our multiplicity move towards unity with the precious quality of humility, with the courage to dream truths not as yet manifest, aware of being born to the world to complete our existence as unique, original souls, and to participate in the realization of a fully humane society.

On the wave of these reflections, it is our wish that enthusiastic biopsychosynthetic work be prepared and shared between us all.

Maria Vittoria Randazzo                                                                       Carla Fani

President, Institute of Psychosynthesis, Florence, Italy                        President, SIPT, Florence, Italy