The intent and Purpose of this supervision session is to explore with the group various ways, strategies, techniques and specific tools we use as professionals to anchor the “new awareness” emerging as we work with clients into the ‘I’, and how we also anchor ourselves into the ‘I’.

 Facilitated by Cristina Pelizzatti (from Italy)

Saturday, August 26, 2017 (Zoom online)
10am – 12:30pm (Eastern US time)
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In order to participate, please be prepared to present a case for supervision and feedback in a peer to peer discussion format, through a spirit and mindset of Presence as a foundation of the process of “Explore, Expand, Empower” toward more ‘I’, then anchoring this awareness as a new way of Being.

As an example, we may explore how the problem of transference and countertransference can arise as we, as Guides, resonate with our clients through empathy, and how we manage these situations in realtime during the session so that the session closes with the client feeling empowered, rather than disempowered by the transfer/countertransfer process.

Our role as Guides is to immediately step outside this “danger zone” of transference/countertransference, and the accompanying emotional reaction when this feeling arises during the session. We have to be in the neutral and free space of the I/Self and from there, as Observer and Director of the contents and context become the external Self for the traveller (the coachee/client), or as described in Psychosynthesis, we become the External Unifying Center. This process leads to a re-orientation of the client toward him/herself, and by resonating in the sacred space of the Self, the client acquires a new awareness, a new vision of the situation, becoming more resilient and aligned with his/her Purpose. Our role is to enable the anchoring of this awareness into the ‘I’ of the client.

From there, we move onward, holding the space where the transpersonal process of Synthesis occurs, passing from a “fixed” mindset within which we are downloading data (being “stuck”), to a “growth” mindset characterized by the ability to listen and choosing to follow the “Call of the Self” with open mind, open heart, and open will. This is the state of Presencing, described in the Theory U (Otto Sharmer), having disidentified ourself and the client from the content limiting the perspective.

Facilitated by Cristina Pelizzatti: Cris dedicated her youth to climbing high mountains in the Alps where she is currently living, appreciating the beauty of the wilderness and the beauty of Art, being a “daughter of the Arts” (her father was an architect and multifaceted artist:, growing up between a small mountain village and the cosmopolitan world of her grandmother in Paris. She raced sleddog professionally for more than 20 years at world championship levels, a sport that brought her in contact with wilderness nature and intense work with beautiful Siberian Huskies and Wolves for more than 30 years, in Europe and North America.

During a series of life-changing events she resumed her passion for the study of the psyche, concentrating on the Transpersonal aspects, attaining a Masters in Indovedic Psychology as a foundation for subsequent Masters level studies in Psychosynthesis Counseling, Transpersonal Counseling, EcoCounseling (Ecopsychology applied in Counseling) and Psychoenergetics in Counseling. She has specialisations in Green Coaching (Life Coaching in Echopsychology- following a curriculum she developed with a colleague from the Ecopsychology school in Italy), has recently completed a further specialization as a Certified Resilience Practitioner, and is currently studying the “Foundation of Positive Psychology” with Penn University.

When not engaging with coaching clients on-line or in in person in her “natural” setting in the Orobian Alps, she also works as a Psychosynthesis Counselor. Since 2011 she is a volunteer at the pediatric department in the local hospital and conducts training sessions for volunteers working with pediatric patients as well as designing and conducting classes in Ecopsychology at a local school.

Trainer, practitioner and researcher, she brings into Synthesis the reconnection with our Self, through Nature, working in person, with groups, in educational and vocational settings, and on-line.

Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach with The Synthesis Center (TSC), and Staff Member of TSC, Cris is co-founder and lead instructor of The Synthesis Center’s TransAlpine program currently providing a unique opportunity for Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach training in the Italian language.

Credentials and References
Psychosynthesis Life Coach Trainer
Professional Advanced Counselor
Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach (PLC)
Certified Psychosynthesis Counselor
Certified Resilience Practitioner
Staff Member of “The Synthesis Centre” USA
Professional member IAC, ACA, AAP
Accredited European Counselor EAC
Associate member AMAC – AC
Organisational member OMAC-AC

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In order to participate, please be prepared to present a case for supervision and feedback.

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